Free ELA Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12

Free ELA Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12

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Free ELA Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12

Welcome to our ELA Guide, designed for educators and high school students. This practical collection of standards-aligned free resources features engaging activities, literature, and interactive tools aimed at refining literacy skills and promoting environmental awareness. From analyzing scientific informational texts to poetry writing lessons, this guide is geared towards fostering a love for learning in our high school students.

Reading & Writing

Help your students to sharpen their analytical, critical thinking, media literacy, and comprehension skills while learning about important climate topics.

Liz Ransom Profile

Student Journalism Unit

Throughout this unit by educator Liz Ransom, students delve into the intersection of journalism and the climate crisis, progressing from understanding its importance and countering misinformation to mastering best practices, conducting interviews, and creating a feature article addressing climate change.

Student Journalism Unit

More Reading & Writing Resources

Food Insecurity
Artistic Slogans
Reading Comprehension

Poetry & Music

Use these resources to encourage your learners to analyze poetry, explore love songs, and be creative. 

Diandra Jones Profile

Love Song for a Tree

Students learn how trees are invaluable allies in our fight against climate change and utilize the power of music to honor a tree in the form of a love song. Click the photo to read about Diandra Jones the creator of this free lesson plan.

Love Song for a Tree

More Poetry & Music Lesson Plans

Poetry Analysis
Deforestation Ode & Elegy
Literature Through Nature


Help your students learn terms and definitions that will allow them to speak about climate change, the Earth, and protecting our planet.

Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary Words

This printable and downloadable slide presentation provides images and definitions for climate-related vocabulary terms.

Climate Wordle

Climate Wordle

This resource puts a climate-themed twist on a favorite vocabulary game. Students can use their climate knowledge to guess the daily word.

Speaking, Listening, & Visualizing

After listening and viewing these powerful resources, invite students to share their learning by creating their own visual, written, or auditory piece. This encourages students to make inferences and express their point of view.

Words Have Power
Extreme Weather
Indigenous Anthropologist

Next Steps

These Common Core Standards (CCSS) and state standards-aligned English Language Arts lessons empower high school teachers to integrate climate education topics into their daily curriculum. This approach supports professional learning and is aligned with school year objectives, offering a variety of literacy activities. Visit our website to explore more free ELA resources for your classroom, complete with rubrics for assessment.

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