Free Math Resources for Teachers

Free Math Resources for Teachers

Get ready to explore SubjectToClimate's free math resources for teachers, designed for all grade levels and packed with valuable lessons, activities, games, and more! With nearly 300 standards-aligned math resources on our site, this guide focuses on our top picks for areas, such as numeracy & operations, measurement & data, and graphs & statistics. Take the next steps in incorporating climate-focused math education today and empower your students to become proficient problem solvers amidst environmental challenges.

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Ready-to-use lesson plans that incorporate math and climate change topics created by teachers like you.

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Data Analysis in Google Sheets
The Math Behind Sea Level Rise
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Engage and educate with a large variety of interactive math games that offer a fun way to learn about the necessity of math skills in solving climate issues. 

Game: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat!

Grades K-2

Discover how to reduce, reuse, and recycle with a cut-and-match sorting activity and an exciting recycling relay.



Grades 3-8

Learn about the delicate balance that forest managers and lumber producers must achieve to keep a forest healthy in this role-playing simulation game.

Game: Global Air Temperature Graph

Global Air Temperature Graph

Grades 6-12

Use graphs and differentiated question sets to explore and analyze air temperature changes in this math game from NASA.

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Develop students' critical thinking and data analysis skills with fun activities, lessons, and interactive media designed to teach measurement and data standards.

Lesson: Precipitation Data: What Does It Show?

Precipitation Data: What Does It Show?

Grades 9-12

In this lesson, students use New Jersey precipitation data to create graphs and discuss climate change.

Decoding the Data Activity
Data Art Project Lesson
Explore Climate Dashboard
Numeracy & Operations - Back to Top

Engage students with comprehensive units and resources that explore fascinating environmental topics while teaching fundamental math skills.

Unit Plan: Number Sense & Biodiversity Unit

Number Sense & Biodiversity Unit

Embark on this comprehensive K-2 unit to explore habitats, biodiversity, species conservation, and human impact with activities ranging from observing trail camera clips to creating solutions for protecting living things.

Unit Plan
Renewable Energy Algebra Unit

Renewable Energy Algebra Unit

Use algebraic calculations and real-world data in this unit for grades 6-8 to determine solar panel effectiveness, calculate wind turbine needs, analyze biomass energy production, and create a renewable energy plan for their community.

Unit Plan
Face the Trace Gas Lesson

Face the Trace Gas

Calculate the quantity of carbon dioxide molecules in one liter of air and gain a visual understanding of the greenhouse effect with this informative video resource for students in grades 9-12.

Lesson Plan
Graphs & Statistics - Back to Top

Practice interpreting graphs, data, and statistics in order to explore the relationships between climate change and the natural world with interactive resources and worksheets.

How Does Reducing Air Pollution Help Birds? Lesson
The Climate Explorer
CAST Data Portal
Image of graph
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Credible, engaging, and unbiased resources that highlight the relationship between real-world math applications and climate change.

Activity: Build a Sun Dial
Activity, Lesson Plan, Video: Sharing Resources
Lesson, Video, Game: Population Density
Activity: Water Challenge
Activity: Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Video: Measuring CO2
Video: Atmospheric CO2
Activity: Global Carbon Cycle
Video: Mathematical Tipping Point
Video: Work, Energy, And Power
Activity: Circumference of a Tree
Lesson, Video: Linear Systems
Teacher Advice - Back to Top

Get tips and ideas on the best ways to integrate our resources into your lessons.

Blog: Inquiry-Based Math Lesson Plans

Inquiry-Based Math Lesson Plans

Explore a collection of inquiry-based math lesson plans that integrate climate change topics, with advice and tips on how to foster a strong connection between math and the climate crisis.

Read Here
Blog: Data Visualization, Charts, Maps, and Interactive Graphics 

Data Visualization, Charts, Maps, and Interactive Graphics 

Discover interactive graphics, data visualization, charts, and maps and get tips on how to integrate them into your classroom to engage students in exploring climate change topics through math. 

Read Here
Climate Change Explainers - Back to Top

Articles from MIT climate explainers to assist you as you navigate teaching climate change in your classroom.

Article: Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere

Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere

Discover why a seemingly small fraction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has had such a big impact on our planet.

Read Here
Article: Concentration of CFCs in the Atmosphere

Concentration of CFCs in the Atmosphere

Learn about the influence of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and their contribution to the efficiency of global warming.

Read Here
Article: How Much Carbon is Emitted by Building a House?

How Much Carbon is Emitted by Building a House?

Learn about the influence of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and their contribution to the efficiency of global warming.

Read Here
Closing Thoughts - Back to Top

This math guide will equip teachers with a wide array of scientist-approved resources, games, and activities that foster mathematical literacy and problem-solving skills within the context of climate change. By utilizing our grade-specific materials and expert advice, educators can create engaging and effective math instruction that empowers students to become informed when they are faced with addressing environmental challenges. As you continue on your journey toward climate-focused math education be sure to check out our ever-growing database of standards-aligned math resources.

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