SubjectToClimate is Launching a New Partnership with The Juice®

SubjectToClimate is Launching a New Partnership with The Juice®

Boston, MA - February 7th - Through our new collaboration with The Juice, students will have access to original, unbiased, standards-aligned articles and content relating to climate news. Designed for grades 5-12, The Juice’s award-winning journalists and veteran educators work together to carefully select and expertly write the day’s news stories. The Juice offers students a vibrant mix of original differentiated news articles, vocabulary builders, standards-aligned quizzes, infographics, deep dives on important topics and issues, and educational STEAM videos. 


“We are delighted to partner with The Juice to bring their unbiased news stories to StC users every academic day. These news articles will focus on climate change and support all the resources and lesson plans on our site. This will further our mission to enable teachers to bring climate change education into the classroom. We appreciate The Juice’s support of our efforts.” David Jaffe, Chairman, SubjectToClimate.


“It is an honor to partner with SubjectToClimate and a non-profit organization of this caliber,” said Lorren Elkins, COO of The Juice. “We at The Juice have long recognized the powerful connection between education and climate change and firmly believe education is a critical agent in addressing this most serious of issues the planet and human race faces. We are pleased to be able to help bring the gold standard in classroom and student-friendly climate content and news to classrooms across the globe to help educate learners on this important topic.“


In addition to SubjectToClimate’s 1000+ resources and 45 lesson plans designed by our StC teachers, we are adding The Juice's current events to make learning more relevant for students. 


SubjectToClimate and The Juice’s Features include:


Timely, unbiased news and current events are written daily by journalists and educators every academic day.


  • Differentiated to four reading levels to provide equity and access in the classroom Grades 5-12.
  • Definitions and pronunciations of low and high-frequency words to build student vocabulary; there are 10-15 Tier 2 and Tier 3 academic and domain vocabulary words in context in every article.
  • Standards-based formative assessments to evaluate reading comprehension, mastery in key learning standards, and provide students with immediate feedback.
  • Each article is paired with StC lesson plans, SEL resources, numerical literacy, videos, and more from SubjectToClimate’s resource database. 
  • Subscribe and receive climate change news articles sent to your inbox each academic day. 


The Juice is currently offering a free trial of their teacher and student portal which includes news articles on a variety of different topics. SubjectToClimate is thrilled to share this incredible partnership with The Juice and help teachers access climate change news articles.


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SubjectToClimate is an online connector for K-12 teachers of all subjects to find credible, unbiased, and engaging materials on climate change. Our goal is to enhance climate knowledge and inspire action by making climate change teaching and learning accessible to all. 


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The Juice learning platform for grades 5-12 brings today’s news into the classroom, fosters a love of reading, builds media literacy skills, and prepares students to become tomorrow’s leaders. Published five days a week, award-winning journalists join with veteran educators to carefully select and write the day’s news stories. Each day, students receive a vibrant mix of original news articles, vocabulary builders, standards-aligned quizzes, infographics, deep dives on important topics and issues, and educational STEAM videos. The Juice makes even the most complex news understandable and accessible to all its readers, by crafting its content at four separate reading levels.